Sunday, January 27, 2013

Purrrs to mah furiends!  Just a quick check in to let everykitty know dat we is doing good!  Mommy is lazy and therefore has not kept up with da blog...and she refuses to let us us the computer alone.  And when she is at work, Mya Boo Boo is in charge, so needless to say she won't let us kittehs get away wif nuffin!  

Mommy has prawmised to let us do more updatin' for all the fans!  Today, she took time out of her busy (lazy) schedule to let me paw this message.

Don't forget dat we is on the Facebook with the rest of da Painter Pack!  So come visit us!

Sophia Belle

Hello to all MY fans!  Everyone knows that I is the Ninja-Cat because I climb high and am not sceered at all!  Unlike the fat girl above who does nuffin but eat and sleep.  But don't tell her I said dat cause she will smack me wif dat fat paw.  And it hurts!

Me and Mya Boo Boo get along fine.  She knows I is not sceered of her Siberian ways...but the Chunkster is a wuss...she will run and splat into da wall!  Soooo funny!

Again, this is between me and yous.  Ok?  Cause Sophia can be quite da bully at times.  Good thing I can outrun her chunky butt!!  Hehehehe!!!

Salem Marie