Sunday, February 5, 2012

Salem the Curious Cat


Salem:  Have you seen this?  It's got dog pictures on it...where are the kitties?

Sophie:  Yes, I've seen it.  Mommy calls it a calendar.

Salem:  What's a calender?                        

Sophie:  I think it is like that TV show that we watch with Mommy.  The Most Wanted.

Salem:  Oh, so these are bad doggies?  

Sophie"Eye roll" I think so.  Must have pee'd in the wrong place or something.  So now, they are "wanted"...

Salem:  But if they are bad dogs, who would want them?

Sophie"Sigh"....the doggie police.  

Salem: Ohhhhhh.....Well, I'm going to take a good look at these doggies.  I'd hate to run into one of them if they are wanted by the doggie police!